Health Official Asks Citizens To Embrace Health Workers

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Voinjama District Health Officer, Dorfelson Jayguwoyan, has appeal to Voinjama District citizens to stop chasing away health workers who go into their communities, towns and villages.

According to the Liberia News Agency, Mr. Jayguwoyan clarified that the visitation of the health workers is intended to trace contacts of Ebola patients and carry out awareness on the Ebola virus, and not to spray towns, villages and communities as is being perceived in some quarters.

The district health officer, who spoke Tuesday on the regular Radio Kintoma Ebola talk show, said he wants citizens and other residents of Voinjama district to cooperate with health workers, noting that this will help fight the deadly Ebola disease.

Mr. Jayguwoyan then called on Voinjama district citizens to go about their normal activities, rather than select a group of people to “safeguard” their towns and Villages from health workers.

According to the Liberia News Agency, the appeal comes against the backdrop that some citizens have been chasing away health workers from their communities for fear of spraying taking place in their areas.

The Voinjama district health officer explained that the spraying, which is not harmful to human beings, is carried out in areas where people are suspected to have died of the Ebola virus so as to disinfect the environment.

By Korboi Gbelewala, LINA Lofa County Correspondent