Lofa Supt. Pats Traditional Authorities

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VOINJAMA, April 3 (LINA) - Lofa County Superintendent, George Dunor, has restated his leadership’s recognition and appreciation of the contributions of traditional authorities in the reconstruction and development of the county.

He is, therefore, calling on chiefs, stakeholders and civil society groups to continue to play their roles with diligence and without fear.

Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency Thursday, Superintendent Dunor said his leadership would continue to contact traditional rulers, stakeholders and civil society organizations in the county, on all issues of development.

The Lofa County Superintendent is, meanwhile, calling on all Lofians to forge a united front, noting that with unity and effective collaboration among traditional authorities, stakeholders and civil society organizations, the county would witness rapid socio-economic development.

He assured the people of Lofa County that his administration would shortly implement new policies and programs to deepen the “better Lofa development agenda for 2014”.