Court Reduces 20-year Sentence of Armed Robbers

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A 20-year sentence of six notorious armed robbers at the Monrovia Central Prison has been reduced by Criminal Court 'D'.
Presiding Judge Johannes Zogbay Zlanh Thursday sentenced two of the six armed robbers, Amuchie Karpah and Daniel Gbor to 10 years each while the rest got 5 years.

Judge Zlanh said that the decision to reduce the defendants' sentence was predicated upon a plea bargaining agreement reached between defense and state lawyers after the sextuple admitted in open court.
On May 18, 2015, the defendants were brought before Criminal Court 'D' where their indictment was read to them to ascertain their respective pleas.
After listening to the reading of the indictment, being in full knowledge and understanding of the nature of the crime as charged as well as the penalty thereof, they voluntarily pleaded guilty to the commission of the crime of armed robbery as contained in their six pages indictment.
The six notorious armed robbers committed the act in 2012 and were arrested in the same year.
Two years later, they were indicted by the Grand Jurors of Monsterrado County during the August Term in 2014.