Episcopal Bishop Cautions Against Vices As Liberia Turns 167

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MONROVIA, July 21 (LINA) – The Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Liberia and President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Jonathan B.B. Hart, has cautioned Liberians against vices as the nation celebrates 167 years of independence.

Speaking on the theme: “Obedience and Faithfulness is what God Requires from Us,” Bishop Hart said faithfulness and obedience without pretense should be cultivated by all Liberians.

He was speaking at the Thanksgiving and Intercessory Service in commemoration of Liberia’s 167th Independence Anniversary held at the Trinity Cathedral on Broad Street on Sunday, July 20.

According to the Episcopal Prelate, Liberians cannot claim to love God when they are still shedding innocent blood and are involved in ritualistic killings for the sake of seeking state power.

Bishop Hart observed that homosexuality and corruption are on the increase as if they have been legalized or sanctioned by those in the corridors of power, noting, “such vices are sin against God and His people, and we all must remember that God is a jealous God.”

He said to be obedient and faithful, Liberians should do away with violence and unwarranted strikes, which are not the proper the way to express grievances about things that people feel are not going right.

Bishop Hart called on those in leadership to be faithful and obedient by practicing justice and to live up to the rule of law by punishing those who violate the law regardless of their status, religion, tribe, political affiliation among others, pointing out, “these are total signs of patriotism and nationalism”.

The Bishop added that Liberians need to be faithful even in the face of the outbreak of the Ebola disease by avoiding the spread of lies and blackmails about the deadly disease; adding, “because of blackmails and lies many have died of the disease”.

“Liberians need to be sincere, turn away from the greed for power, and forget about dirty politics and put the difficult past behind us; let us turn away from our wicked deeds and petty jealousy and stop the blackmailing of each other on the media and the internet,” the Episcopal Bishop urged.

He said as Liberians prepare for the special Senatorial election in October this year, politicians should put God first in all they will do and avoid going to juju men and making human sacrifices because God is the only one that can give anyone genuine power.

The Bishop also called on the electorates not to sell their votes for money; noting, “doing so means you are selling our country and you know Liberia is the only home we have and cannot be deported.”

He also called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her officials to re-dedicate their services to Liberia in all their undertakings by avoiding too much talking and focusing on the tasks that were entrusted to them by the Liberian People.

By Prince Nagbe