Commissioner Pats Agric Ministry Over Caterpillar Control

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By Ballah Kollie, LINA Bong County Correspondent

GBARNGA, June 26 (LINA) - The Commissioner of Panta District in Bong County has lauded the prompt intervention of Agriculture Ministry authorities in containing the spread of caterpillars in the district.

Mr. Wellington K. Bellepu said the team, which was called in following the caterpillar invasion of Jorwah Town on June 18, has successfully responded to the caterpillar attack in the district.

Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency Thursday via mobile phone, Bellepu indicated that farmers and residents, who fled their farms and residences due to the mass movement of the deadly caterpillars, have all returned after the anti-caterpillar team sprayed the environment.

He name Gbarngasiaquelleh, Gahnmue Town, Shankpowai to Vankanue Swarery Rubber farm as areas affected by the spread of the caterpillars with suspected cases reported on Wednesday in Bellemu and Palaquelleh Towns.

He has, however, observed that caterpillars are still in high trees where the team could not reach, noting that unless they are fully contained they could move to other locations in the district.

Panta brings to three the number of districts in Bong County that the caterpillars attacked recently.

He named  Zota and Sanoyea Districts as other areas that were hard hit earlier this rainy season.