Kakata Court Charges Boy,17, With Attempted Murder

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KAKATA, May 20 (LINA) - The Kakata Magisterial Court in Margibi County has charged a 17-year-old boy with attempting to murder a seven-year-old girl in the Mandingo Quarter of Kakata City.

The court, in a writ of arrest for defendant Darlington Snorton, said on the 29th of April, 2014, the defendant, being highly criminal-minded, with intent to commit crime, called seven-year-old Beatrice Bainda in an unfinished building.

The writ said when she entered the building, Snorton grabbed her, threw her down, took out a black knife and started cutting little Beatrice’s throat.

According to the writ, defendant Snorton also stabbed little Beatrice with the same knife on the right side of her stomach, took blood from her and poured it in a white bottle.

After performing his ordeal on little Beatrice, he left her helpless and bleeding profusely from the wounds he inflicted on her, the writ continued.

The Liberia News Agency quotes the writ as saying that little Beatrice explained that defendant Snorton used a long piece of iron to extract two teeth from her upper and lower gums.
The victim, Beatrice Bainda, is said to be currently recuperating from the wounds sustained as a result of the attack on her by defendant Snorton.

Meanwhile, the case, being above the trial jurisdiction of the of the Kakata Magisterial Court, has been forwarded to the 13th Judicial Circuit Court for further investigation.