Harper Official Worried About Missing Children

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HARPER, March 5 (LINA) –The Commissioner of Harper District in Maryland County Mr. Alfred Thompson, has expressed concern over the recent incidents of children going missing in the district.

The commissioner noted that since January this year, two cases of children disappearing have been reported to his office.

He said the first one took place in Fish Town, where a child went missing and has never been found, while  the second took place February 20  in Bulah Town, about ten miles from Harper, where a 14-month-old baby went missing and had also not been found. 

Commissioner Thompson was speaking Tuesday in Spring Hill Community, located about five miles southeast of the provincial capital Harper, during a community watch forum organized by the Liberia National Police.

The commissioner said such disappearances of children in the district create both doubt and fear on the minds of the people.

He said children of the district and the county are Liberia’s future leaders and should be left alone by evil-minded people in the county.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Thompson has warned against “harmful traditional practices” in the County.

He said practices such as ritualistic killings will only bring disunity among the people of the County, rather than development.