Rep Snowe Worries over Alien-Employees

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Montserrado County Representatives, Edwin Snowe is worried over aliens flooding the Liberian workforce.


“This practice (too many aliens being employed), which is an outright violation of the Labor Laws of Liberia, specifically Article 75, which articulates, among other things, that Liberian workers be preferred over their alien counterparts in fulfillment of the Liberianization Policy, serves as a receipt for untold hardship on our workforce and the further damages our economic”.

He prayed his colleagues to investigate the influx of the employees of Aliens in the employc of Liberia.

However, Representative George Mulbah of Bong County said the Ministry of Labor should enforce the Small Business Act to employ many Liberians reduce unemployment. 

Can you imagine that some companies come into the country with their cooks, drivers and other people to do jobs that Liberians can do?” Representative Mulbah added.

Gabriel Smith  of Grand Bassa County said it was the work of the House of Representatives to ensure that the right thing is done for the people of Liberia.

Also speaking, Mariamu Fofana of Lofa County cautioned her colleagues to handle the matter with care. She reminded her colleagues of the South Africa Xenophobic attacks, calling on her colleagues to take cue from there.   

"I am careful because I don't want what happened in South Africa to happen to Liberia, and I do not want those companies to leave,” she said.

The matter was turned over to the Committee on Concession, Ways, Means, Labor and Judiciary committees with the mandate gather the total number of aliens who form part of the Liberian workforce.