“We will trash any Proposal from the CRC “ - Says Senator Johnson

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Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson has threatened that the Liberian Senate will trash any request from the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) or President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for a referendum.

Senator Johnson in an interview said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made an error by establishing the Commission without the consent of the Liberian Senate.
According to him, in establishing anything institution like the CRC or any other legal establishment that has to do with law, the president should have communicated with the Legislature before instituting said body.
“President Doe came into power and he made Amos Sawyer to change the Constitution. This was under a military rule, but with a democratically elected president like Ellen should have followed the law, and not coming out and establishing a commission without informing the Liberian Senate…,” Senator Johnson said.   
He added by law, they at the Liberian senate should have been the one instituting such an institution instead of the President.
He added that the present process leading to reviewing the Constitution was “a waste of time only intended to justify the money they received”, adding that when it surfaces at the senate, they would trash it.
The CRC visited the 73 electoral districts of Liberian and solicited views from Liberian, using funding from government and international donors.