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The BWI Alumni Association has sent a position statement to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the institute’s board of governors suggesting a way forward in selecting a permanent

principal for the school, as the mandate of the interim administration at the school ends early May.

The current principal, Alexander Massey, was appointed interim principal of BWI nearly two years ago to steer the affairs of the school until a permanent principal was nominated by the President the board of governors.
In a unanimous position statement adopted at a mass meeting, BWI alumni are recommending to the appointing authorities that the position of BWI principal be well advertised to allow qualified and competent Liberians to apply and be vetted for the position.
The BWI Alumni Association is suggesting that the Commission on Higher Education or an independent vetting committee be tasked with the responsibility of soliciting applications from Liberians.
The Association further recommends any applicant who attended the school should be prioritized in the vetting process.
“Its resolution comes against the background that any person assuming the responsibility of running BWI, which has been earmarked as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s center of excellence,  should be chosen from an array  of some of the country’s best technocrats,” the Association said in a release, signed by its president, Jonathan Paye-Layleh.
The BWI Alumni Association is also recommending that since the institute is being currently run by an interim administrator, all key appointments that have been made at the school by the interim principal be considered part of the interim arrangement that ends on May 9, 2015.
The positions include vice principals for administration, instruction, student services, business manager, industrial coordinator, placement coordinator, chief accountant and maintenance supervisor.
The Association says it is not feasible for an interim regime to appoint people to permanent positions.