Chief Justice releases Mauritanian Convicted for Kidnapping

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Chief Justice Francis Kporkor has temporarily released a Mauritanian man convicted and sentenced to imprison for 10 years for kidnapping three Liberian children.

Mohammed Sedee Falee temporary release came after he met with Chief Justice Kporkor Tuesday and assured him of returning the kids to Liberia on May 27, 2015 to the Criminal Court ‘A’ Temple of Justice.
A surety note dated April 28, 205 over the return of the kids to Liberia was made by the client’s lawyer Cllr. Cooper Kruah and signed by him as provided by law.
The surety note stated “I, the undersigned in person of Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah of the Henries Law firm, in addition to the insurance bond filed and based upon the mandate handed down from the Supreme Court to the trial judge that, my client Mr. Mohammed Sedee Falee charged and convicted and sentenced to prison be released to me, do personally guarantee and stand as surety for my said client to be released to me temporarily in order that, he will be able to bring the children from Mauritania back to Liberia; particularly to this court, Criminal Court ‘A’, affective as of the signing date of this surety/ guarantee note up to and including May 27, 2015.
“Should my client fail to live up to this promise as guaranteed in this surety/guarantee note, the Supreme Court should hold me personally liable and ensure that the legal punitive measures are taken against me. In so doing, this shall constitute the Court’s legal and sufficient authority.”
With this surety note to the Supreme Court, all eyes are now on the Cllr. Kruah and his client to return the kids from Mauritania to Liberia.  
Prior to his sentence the Mauritanian convict vowed not to honor the Court’s order, saying he preferred death in prison to returning the children to their mother.
He was convicted by a trial jury of Criminal Court 'A' and convicted for kidnapping earlier this month.