40 EJS Estate Units To Be Completed In Two Months

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March 26 (LINA) – Forty Units at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Housing Estate in Ben Town, Marshall Road Margibi County are expected to be completed in two months.
Contractors working at the facility have completed two of the 40 housing units while 38 are at roof level.

The construction of the units, is phase one of the government’s plan to construct 125 affordable housing units at the estate; a project which is being sponsored by the Government of Liberia and implemented by the National Housing Authority (NHA).
Speaking to in an interview with the Liberia News Agency at the project site in Marshall Thursday, NHA Project Development Officer ES Samir Bropleh said construction work is being carried out by five Liberian-owned construction companies.
Bropleh named the companies as Cosmos Construction Company, Link Architect, Contractors and Consultant INC, Venture Group Construction Company, C.J Construction Company and American Eagle Construction Company.
He indicated that the completion of the 40 housing units which is expected to take place in two months will go on as planned due to the availability of materials and adequate and trained manpower.
The NHA Project Development Officer told LINA that each unit in the EJS Housing Estate contains three bed rooms, two bathrooms with showers, a kitchen and a living room.
The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Housing Estate construction is part of the National Housing Authority’s “5,000 Affordable Housing Units and Home Ownership and Mortgage Program” formulated in 2012 in collaboration with the Housing Sector Working Group.

Between 2012 and 2013, the Government of Liberia constructed US$ one million Brewerville Gobah Town Housing Estate which contains 35 units; the project was funded by the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation.