24 Sex Workers Arrested

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In an effort to crack down on prostitution, the Paynersville City authority, backed by the police, Thursday arrested 24 alleged prostitutes from various makeshift motels.

The Paynesville municipality obtained a writ of search and seizure from the city’s Magisterial Court before affecting the arrest in keeping with law.
Mayor Cyvette Gibson said the arrest of the girls and women was part of her administration’s campaign to crack down on prostitutes in one of Liberia’s most populous cities.
"We will clean this city from act that has the propensity of damaging the image and prostitution is no exception.  Prostitution under our law is illegal. We have to discourage our children from this ugly act because these girls are our future leaders," she pointed out.
"Today, we arrested about 24 alleged prostitutes with the help of the police. The police will help us to screen them and those that will be linked will be given the opportunity to change by the provision of training; while rest will be released,", Mayor Gibson stressed.
The alleged sex workers, who were between the ages of 15 to 24, separately claimed that they were wrongly arrested but others admitted to being engaged in prostitution.
"I was wrongly arrested by the Paynersville City police. I was walking with my lover on the road and was entrapped within the incident but they could not listen to me," one of them said.
"Condition forced me to be a prostitute. It is not my habit to be in such act. If the government can help by providing me training, I will turn my back to it," another admitted.
But another said: "I have no regret for being a prostitute because it is my area of living. Nothing will change”.