Lofa County honors Vice President Boakai

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A post-Ebola visit by Vice President Joseph N. Boakai to Lofa County since the weekend has taken him to Salayea, Zorzor, Voinjama and Quardu Gboni, with further visit to Kolahun, Vahun and Foya, his first visit to his Ebola-ravaged county after the outbreak.

At the height of the Ebola crisis in Liberia, Vice President Boakai braved the storm to visit the same districts, where he distributed detergents and toiletries and anti-Ebola messages in local vernaculars—Kpelle, Lorma, Mandingo, Gbandi, Mendi, Kissi and Gola.

In Salayea, he met with the people of the District in a town hall meeting and was read a statement of appreciation for his hard work during the outbreak and for the great statesmanship he proved over the years, including his position as Vice President of Liberia.

In Zorzor, where more than 5,000 people lined up to greet the Vice President, with more than 200 motorbikes flanking his convoy, Vice President Boakai was escorted to the administrative grounds for a brief welcoming ceremony ahead of the main program scheduled for the next day. Pomp and pageantry filled the air as he, in a black Tahoo Jeep, waved to crowd. The motorcyclists had been waiting for hours to receive the Vice President.

Expectedly, the crowd in Voinjama was the largest so far, spanning over a mile as the security personnel worked over time to control human and vehicular traffic in the city of Voinjama.

An intercessory prayer was held for him and his entourage at the Free Pentecostal Church for his safe arrival in Lofa County.

And On the Morn of May 17, the Vice President and entourage visited several towns in Quadu-Gboni District and a program was held in his honor, where he was gowned and presented several gifts a cow.

A statement of support was presented to him, but did not respond to the statement. Instead, he called on citizens to show up in Voinjama on the next night when elders, chiefs and traditional leaders would finally tell him why he has been invited to the County.

The Vice President took a kickoff of a match between Quardu Gboni and Voinjama Districts at the Voinjama Stadium.

Vice President Boakai and party are expected to leave Voinjama for Kolahun on Monday and later for Vahun and Foya ahead of the Friday’s big meeting in Voinjama.