Gbowee Peace Foundation of Africa Welcomes News on Ebola Free Liberia

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The Gbowee Peace Foundation of Africa (GPFA) has welcomed news by the World Health Organization that Liberia is Ebola free following 42 days without a recorded case of the deadly virus

in the country. However, the Foundation has warned that with new cases of the virus still being recorded in neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea, the outbreak is not yet over.

“For Liberia to record 42 days with no cases of Ebola, [it] is a God-blessed milestone. “But we can’t take our foot off the gas yet – at least not until all both countries [Sierra Leone and Guinea] record 42 days with no cases,” GPFA Executive Director Williametta Saydee-Tarr said in a press release sent to the media on Sunday, May 10 in Monrovia.

The Foundation founded by Nobel Peace Laureate, Leymah Gbowee, called on the Liberian government in the release to strengthen cross-border surveillance to prevent re-emergence of the disease in the country.

“The Liberian government and the Liberian people have worked hard to help us achieve 42 days of Zero Ebola cases, but that hard work could be undone in an instant if we become complacent,” the release quoted the GPFA Executive Director as saying.

The peace foundation recorded how hundreds of healthcare workers and thousands of other people sadly lost their lives to the virus which engulfed the country since early 2014 following its discovery first in neighboring Guinea.

“It’s time for the health needs [of the country] to be addressed as a priority. Liberians must feel confident that they can access a healthcare system, and have their health needs taking care of.We call on the international community to continue to support Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone in rebuilding strong and affordable national health systems with adequate human and material resources”, the press release further quoted Mrs. Tarr as saying.

The foundation commended its international partners, including the American Jewish World Service, African Petroleum, Segal Family Foundation, African Women Development Fund, Eustace Kwan Foundation, Abigail Disney, Friends of GPFA at the East New York Diagnostic & Treatment Center, and individual patrons for their support to the charity and the Liberian people in raiding the country of the virus.

The GPFA also named and thanked the Global Giving and Network for Good donor platforms for their support that helped significantly in making Liberia Ebola free.