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New York, 10th March, 2015,   H.E.  President Ellen Jonson Sirleaf has said that the achievement of a full emancipation   and equity constitute challenges for women the world over, and that as the world celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, it is time to take stock of the progress and build upon the achievements.

The President spoke on Tuesday 10th   of March, at a program organized by the UN Women to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Beijing Conference held at the Manhattan Center in New York. She said that the 1995 Conference in Beijing was as a result of a bold action and determination by people of diverse backgrounds to change the world for better.  She said 20 years later, the world is now taking stock of the achievements.

She observed that progress have been made in some areas especially considering the constitutional reforms taking place across the globe. More women professionals have emerged, but that the struggle to eliminate discrimination and inequality remains the obstacles as indicated by several reports including the one compiled by the Clinton Foundation. In this regard, said the president, is time to recalibrate our future and build upon our accomplishments and experiences.  
President Sirleaf then expressed appreciation to the Liberian women for their steadfastness especially during the Ebola crisis, she said that the women of Liberia played important role in the fight against Ebola.    
For his part, the UN Secretary General Ban Kin Moon explained that
The women “Rights is Human Right issue”. He pointed out that the Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action is based on fundamental truth that the “least utilized recourse in this world is women potential” Adding, our aim is to achieve gender equality by 2030.

The New York City Mayor, De Blasio emphasized the need to empower women through education and by providing economic opportunities for women in all societies for greater prosperity.

The former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton said that while it is true that there remain so many obstacles on the path of women to social economic freedom, there is the need to be optimistic as the word is witnessing cultural transformations. On this note, she stressed, the past 20 years have been momentous for women’s advancement.

She then praised President Sirleaf for her courageous leadership in facing the Ebola crisis.” You have been an inspirational and a role model for me. She added

UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.
Written By Abu Kamara, Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs
Permanent Mission of Liberia to the UN - +2153037962