President Sirleaf Seeks U.S. Private Investments for Liberia

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A murder suspect has regained his freedom after being in detention for more than five years without trial.

Solomon Carr was accused of killing his wife Mamie Carr in 2008 in the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville.
Judge Johannie Zogbay Zlahn of Criminal Court 'A' Thursday granted Carr his freedom, dismissing the trial based on a motion by his defense team.
He said the failure of the state lawyers to indict the defendant of the murder after two court terms as well as the lock of record to pursue the case was sufficient ground for its dismissal as provided by law.
The court action was based on a 20-counts motion filed by the Public Defender Office in which the state interposed no objection.
The Public Defender Office filed a 20-count motion at the Criminal Court 'A', praying the court to dismiss the murder charged against Carr.
It said the prolong detention of the defendant was beyond statutory limits at the Monrovia Central Prison without trial.
The motion also said that the rights of the defendant right had been violated under law. “Since his arrest in July 2008 nothing has been done by the state to prosecute him as provided by law," the motion read. 
An overjoyed Defendant Carr burst into tears after the court declared him a freed man. 
"They planned to destroy me. So, they lied on me. They allowed me suffer in prison for six years and failed to show out in court to prove their case. I thank God first and the Public Defenders Officer for helping me out of this trouble," he told newsmen.