Gov’t. “Deeply sorry” over Lawyer’s Death

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Liberia’s Information Minister Lewis Brown says that the government is “deeply sorry and absolutely” concern about the death of Attorney Michael Allison who was found dead on a beach in Monrovia on Friday, February 13, 2015.

“We are deeply moved, deeply sorry and deeply concerned about the passing away of Attorney Michael Allison,” the government spokesman said on Tuesday at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism daily press briefing.

However, Minister Brown called on the media not to speculate about the death of the Liberian lawyer, but journalists should report base on facts surrounding the incident, especially information released by the relevant agencies of government, including the police.

The death of the Liberian lawyer who was recently involved in a row with some members of the House of Representatives over corruption allegations has alarmed many in Monrovia.

“Let us be informed by the science; let us be informed by the facts,” he said.

The Information Minister said the government is not interested in covering any anything, or facts surrounding the death of the lawyer.

He said the government has already brought in a pathologist from neighboring Sierra Leone in order to conduct an examination on the body in a bid to establish the cause of death.

Mr. Allison who was recently hired by the House of Representatives as one of few lawyers to review a new petroleum draft legislation, was found dead on a beach in Monrovia on Friday, February 13, 2015.

Minister Brown’s comments come in the wake of what he referred to as distorted information reported by some media houses.