MOH Beefs Up Efforts to Restore Routine Health Services

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The Assistant Minister for Curative Services at Department of Health Services, Dr. Saye D. Baawo has released on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 released update on efforts of the Ministry of Health in restoring routine Health Services throughout the country since the outbreak of the dead Ebola Virus. Dr. Baawo made the disclosure in Monrovia at the Ministry of Information Regular Press Briefing.

The Assistant Minister for Curative Services pointed out that assessment has been conducted in the 15 counties to inform the development of a comprehensive plan on Building a Resilient Health System in Liberia and that 23 public health facilities and 27 private health facilities have received 1st quarter disbursement of funds provided by the government last year for the restoration of essential health services in the initial 5 highly affected counties. Number of beneficiaries health facilities from this subsidy – 50 (23 public and 27 private) He outlined the following which are done by the Ministry of Health: