Labour Congress demands speedy Passage of Decent Work Bill

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The Liberia Labour Congress has written members of the House of Representatives, informing them about a planned protest over the speedy passage of the Decent Work Bill. 


The Congress in a communication under the signature of Secretary General David Sackoh   told the lawmakers that they were going to orderly and peaceably assemble at the Capitol Building for two consecutive days.

The Congress in the letter said it was a matter of must that the lower house speedily passed the Decent Work Bill, which they said have long lingered along the corridors of the Capitol.

The letter said the planned action of the Congress, a conglomerate of some 23 trade unions, would take place on next Tuesday and Wednesday, an action it says is consistent with  Article 17 of the Constitution that empowers the people to demand explanation from their lawmakers.   

The Decent Work Bill was introduced at the Capitol Building about five years. A major impediment for the passage of the bill has been the setting of a minimal wage for laborers. It, among other things, seeks to improve the livelihood of casual laborers.