Breaking News: Liberia gets First Confirmed Ebola Case after Counting 28 days 

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A 44 year-old female, of the Caldwell Community, has become the first confirmed Ebola case in in Liberia since Beatrice Yardolo, regarded as the last Ebola Survivor, walked out of Chinese ETU 28 days ago. This new case is being treated at the MSF-run Ebola Treatment Unit at the ELWA Hospital compound in Paynesville.

According to the Ministry of Health, the full complement of Epi-surveillance and contact tracing teams have been deployed in the Caldwell Community to chase down the outbreak.

It is still unclear how the lady, a food seller, may have contracted the virus but initial suspicion is that it may be the result of possible sexual intercourse with an Ebola survivor.

Speaking on the new case, Dr. Francis Kateh said the Incident Management System Team is bring all of its capacities and resources together to fight this outbreak.

Meanwhile, Information Minister Lewis Brown, confirming the news, said this is an unfortunate reminder that all Liberians need to maintain the same heightened level of vigilance and proper preventive behaviour which saw the country repositioned to fight the greatest outbreak of the deadly virus.