Soldiers Discharged for Drug Abuse

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Authorities of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) have discharged eight soldiers after being allegedly caught with marijuana.  Assistant Defense Minister for Public Affairs David Dahn told reporters in Monrovia Thursday that the expulsion of the AFL personnel is in accordance with rules governing army. He however

did not name the men.

He added that the eight men were “administratively discharged for the good of the force.”

 “We will discharge people; we will continue to discharge more people (army personnel) as long as they continue to violate our rules.”

 Assistant Minister Dahn continued: “We will insist on discipline in the force.”

 Contrary to earlier reports, the army spokesman said the expulsion of the soldiers   is not an act of witch-haunting.

 Instead, he maintained that the soldiers were thrown out because they were  caught with controlled substances in violation of the disciplinary code of the AFL.