Muslims Petition Legislature

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Scores of Muslims on Tuesday petitioned the National Legislature not to consider a proposal from a huge section of the Christian population to establish Liberia as Christian state.

Beginning in 2012 and surfacing at the just-concluded Constitution Review process in Gbarnga, Bong County, the proposition has met huge resistance from the Muslim community and portion of the Christian community alike.
The Tuesday’s convergence of the aggrieved crowd at the Capitol Building for the intervention of lawmakers was the second of such in the last three years, following similar event in 2013.

“Muslims need constitutional protection, we say no to a Christian state”, one of the placards they carried read.

They are trying to prevent the Christian state proposition from making it to a national referendum, fearing that they would not have the number to win.
Reading the petition from the Muslims, the Vice chair for Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy in Liberia, an advocacy group leading campaign, Knowlden Williams, said Liberian Muslims representing the fifteen political subdivision of the country opposed the proposition of a Christian state.
Williams added that Muslims in Liberia would continue to recognize the Constitution as the only organic law of Liberia and adhere fully to its provisions until such provisions are abridged by those responsible for the upholding and enforcement.

The petition argues that those calling for a Christian state of Liberia were in the wrong, adding that such state would be one of disunity and anarchy.
“Muslims in Liberia we resort to unrestricted and perpetual civic disobedience to any Christian theocratic laws and politics.

“Towards this end, we call on all imams and Muslim leaders throughout the length and breadth of Liberia to begin mass sensitization of all Muslims in Liberia in response to such a well-calculated religious attack,” the petition read.
Receiving the petition, President Pro-Tempore, Armah Zulu Jallah, promised that the matter will be discussed at the Senate in subsequent sessions.