Ellen wants new Commodity Regulator for Agricultural Sector

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The House of Representative has forwarded a communication from President Ellen Johnson seeking to repeal the Liberia Produce Market for the Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Authority.

President Sirleaf wrote that body last session seeking for an enactment into law a bill to repeal chapter 57, title 12 of the executive law of the Liberia Code of Law revised 1973 and to establish in its stead a new chapter 57  that would carry new title.

President Sirleaf said the bill would put into place legal means for the establishment of a viable semi-autonomous agency.  

The LPMC was established by law and is funded through a budgetary process since the 1970 as an agency to promote of selling of Liberian agro produce.

President Sirleaf told the 73 lawmakers that when passed into law, the new agency would allow for economic growth and increase in production, processing and marketing of high quality commodities from Liberia farmers, “particularly, cocoa, coffee, oil palm and other agriculture produce on local and international markets.” She said the new agency would also aid in the elimination of exportation of substandard commodities from Liberia to the international market.

The Liberian leader wrote both the House of Representatives and Senate for the instrument, which she described in her letter as important proposed bill to be enacted into law but the members of that two Houses have sent the communication in the Committees on Agriculture and Judiciary to report within two weeks.