UN Official Warns Against Selling Disputed Lands

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The head of the United Nations Office for Human Settlement (UN HABITAT) in Liberia, Anthony Lamba, has warned land dealers against selling disputed lands.

 Lamba said the sale of land that one does not have legitimate claims to affects the peace and stability of community dwellers.


Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency Friday, Lamba indicated that in Africa, land commensurate with power, prestige, morale and wealth, and as such, land issues are not as simple as people perceive them sometimes.

 He noted how land dispute has been a major part of most crises in Africa, stressing the need to settle disputes through proper meditations.

 Lamba appealed to the Liberian government to expand the functions of the Land Commission from advisory and policy-making to include land adjudication, administration, planning and environmental management.