Supt. Dunor Plan Economic Growth For Lofa

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Lofa County Superintendent George Dunor has unveiled plans to move Lofa County to full economic prosperity, growth and sustained human development.

Speaking to a group of citizens at the Lofa Youth Intellectual Forum in central Voinjama Tuesday evening, Superintendent Dunor pledged under the plan to ensure that short-term jobs are created for youths of the county.

He stressed the need to provide tax incentives to private entities that will employ Lofians, and to invest in demand-driven technical and vocational training programs to improve the skills of the youths.

The Lofa County Superintendent, however, pointed out that the county must be fully reconciled to attain its economic growth and human development aspirations, according to the Liberia News Agency.

He said this will be done by setting up a County Reconciliation Committee to unite the people, promote genuine dialogue between ethnic groups that were considered rivals during the civil war.

The Committee will also use formal and informal mechanisms to resolve land, cultural and religious disputes.

Amidst thunderous applause, Dunor said his administration will also ensure that Lofa County regains its self-sufficient in food production status by investing in agriculture.

He said under this program, government will encourage farmers to grow more food crops by ensuring that whatever is produced and not sold on the local market is bought by government.

He added that smallholder farmers and farming cooperatives will be empowered by providing them with critical farm inputs such as seeds and fertilizers