Serious inaccuracies in story on Banda's fight against corruption

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LILONGWE--State House-Malawi is concerned with the serious inaccuracies in a story published by AllFrica written by Harold Kapindu of the Malawi News Agency.

The story wrongly quotes the Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda speaking during the commemoration of the Anti-Corruption Day on 5 February, 2014, as saying she had been advised by the Liberian President Mrs Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to resist from fighting corruption because Malawi was drawing close to the Triparte Elections.  

The fact of the matter is that President Banda never said she had been advised by her Liberian counterpart to stop fighting corruption. In her speech President Banda acknowledged that she had been told by many of her friends including President Sirleaf who was visiting that it is a risk to fight corruption in an election year, because those that you are fighting have money, they will use that money to tarnish your image and smear it on to you.

President Banda said her Liberian counterpart had told her that she has also been fighting corruption in her country and she encouraged President Banda to continue the fight.

The President said as for her she has always put the fight against corruption ahead of her political career. She has said she would continue fighting corruption even if it means losing the election, because she has put the people first.

We would like to adivise Malawi News Agency reporters and all journalists to ensure that news reports that they file for local or foreign publications are accurate.