Public Works Minister justifies Delay in Road Projects, Lawmakers Concur

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Minster Moore and MPW staff alon the SKD Boulevard road Minster Moore and MPW staff alon the SKD Boulevard road Photo Credit: MPW Staff

Public Works Minister Judith Moore has justified the delay in road projects in the country, blaming current debts owed contractors by the Government of Liberia.

Minister Moore, appearing before the House of Representatives to give reasons why the S.K.D. Boulevard and the Police Academy roads have yet to be completed, Minister Moore disclosed that government owed the contractors US$5.5 million. He said it was only after the money was paid and the rainy season ended would the projects commence.

The Minister informed that body that the S.K.D. Boulevard road will have to be removed due to the nature of the environment, which according to him, is not favorable for the kind on work done on it.

Commenting on the country’s roads, Minister Moore informed lawmakers that the Ministry of Public Works has gathered all information about the country’s roads and has made a list of all those roads and what it will cost to have those roads done.

In his clarification, Minister Moore said the Ministry of Public works had not done any major awarding of contracts in 15 months and such was due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus.

He informed members of the lower house that they at the Public Works has good plans for the country roads but named financial problems as some of the hindrances in achieving the goals.

According to the Minister, US$750 million has been spent on road projects nationwide since Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to office. He said the government would have spent US$1 billion before the President leaves office.

“Government will need the amount of US$1.99 billion to work on all of its projects,” Minister Moore said.

“The Executive and the National Legislature are going to work around to get that money for the roads,” he added.

When Representative Fallah communicated with his colleagues, summoning Minister Moore, the lawmakers appeared very grim over the road network but the lawmakers looked relieved after Minister Moore’s appearance.

Deputy House Speaker, Hans Barchue cautioned Minister Moore to always work and seek advice from the House of Representatives as a means of coordination among them.


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