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Paul Allan Foundation to establish Centers in W/Africa

19 January 2015, 3:59 am Written by 
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The Paul G. Allan Family Foundation is working in collaboration with the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to established emergency centers in the three countries worst hit by Ebola, the director of program of the Foundation’s Ebola response, Gabriella Fitzgerald said on Sunday.

Fitzgerald said the company had committed about $100 million to stop Ebola in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and that the centers would form a part of a resilient post-Ebola healthcare system in the three worst affected countries it is

Fitzgerald at a news conference in Monrovia: “We are funding these emergency operation centers. There are going to be brand new buildings that we are going to build in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

“We are working in partnership with CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention); we need an emergency operation now and we need one for the future so we are constantly monitoring and improving surveillance. We agree with CDC to build these buildings. While CDC will have some staff in the building, they will be run by the Ministry of Health.”

Fitzgerald the investment was prudent to for the West African nations and the rest of the world to respond to future outbreak of Ebola and other disease in a more effective way.

 “There is a need that even when the end of this circle is reached there needs to be greater awareness of Ebola because there is always the chance that it might pop out again. A lot of experts say that now there is a reservoir in the region and therefore we need to have better surveillance so that we keep an eye up for Ebola going forward.

The idea is that it will be there permanently to respond to future emergencies. So if there is a cholera outbreak or something else, they can be permanent facilities to train officials to know what to do.”

Fitzgerald is in Liberia to hold discussions with development partners, including UNICEF and Save the Children to explore investment opportunity

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